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Easy-to-use cloud solution for quickly and accurately calculating the flatness of concrete floors required for robotic warehouses

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Three Steps to Increased Intelligence

In today’s data-driven organizations, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of data that is being collected. With our models, you can use that data to easily uncover trends, identify objects, highlight safety concerns, and optimize processes.


Tailored To Your Industry



Boost productivity, protect workers, and optimize your maintenance efforts with BRYX. Our RoboFlat model helps drive efficiencies when building or rehabbing facilities for robotic system use.



In the fast-paced world of construction, complying with a variety of safety regulations can be challenging. But with BRYX models, contractors and construction management firms can improve safety communication and training, without additional resources or time.



Maintain accurate attachment records, optimize your asset inventory process, and improve training with BRYX models. Our models are designed to help utilities continue to provide reliable service while adapting to change through innovation.



As our infrastructure ages, systems across the country need repairs or upgrades. BRYX models use machine learning (ML) to detect sewer defects and provide recommendations, allowing municipalities and utilities to understand the true nature of their systems.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

We continue to look for ways to address today’s infrastructure and environmental challenges through advanced technology. Leveraging our years of engineering expertise, we are actively developing models that can be used by AEC-focused organizations, including the transportation and environmental markets.

Transform The Way You Work

Our secure, scalable platform provides direct access to a growing range of models for a variety of industries, allowing you to turn your data into actionable insight. All you need is here, on BRYX.


Scalable Power

Designed with flexibility in mind, BRYX can handle any size data sets, from small images to large point clouds.



You can run our models when you need to on the BRYX platform as well as easily integrate them with 3rd party systems.



We’ve done the hard work for you! Our models are pretrained on large volumes of industry-specific data.

cost effective


Enjoy the benefits of advanced technology without large upfront costs or highly skilled expertise in model training.

Build intelligence into your operations

The BRYX Experience

BRYX users have direct access to a variety of models for AEC-focused users, helping them push their business forward and make informed decisions.

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