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We offer models as a service, providing advanced automation and intelligence to your daily operations. Discover, buy, and run production-ready models for data-driven insights, faster decision-making, and increased productivity

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Turn Your Data Into Action

Our easy-to-use, secure platform provides direct access to a growing range of models for a variety of industries, such as power, construction, transportation, and water, allowing you to turn your data into actionable insights.

Ready To Run

We’ve done the hard work for you! Our catalog of robust models are pre-trained on large volumes of industry-specific data so that you don’t need to build anything from scratch.

Cost Effective

Enjoy the benefits of advanced technology without any large upfront costs associated with building additional infrastructure or hiring in-house experts!


BRYX is designed with flexibility in mind, able to handle sizable sets of streaming or at-rest data.


Our intelligent models can streamline your tasks, boost safety in the workplace, and increase productivity, all within a powerful, distributed system architecture.

How Can We Help You?

With today’s data-driven organizations and the introduction of big data, professionals are often overwhelmed with the amount of data that is collected. With our models, you can use this data to uncover trends, detect patterns, highlight safety concerns, optimize processes, and much more from one centralized location.

Optimize operations while improving safety

Predict and forecast

Save time and resources

Make more informed decisions

Add automated power


Highly Developed for Your Specific Industry


Level up with RoboFLat! This is our advanced-precision solution for automatically calculating the flatness/levelness of concrete floors in robotic warehouses and facilities.


Address construction site safety right away with one of our computer vision models, designed to detect and identify personal protective equipment usage as well as traffic flow control devices.

More Coming Soon!

We are constantly looking for ways to address today’s infrastructure and environmental challenges through advanced technology. Leveraging our engineering expertise and innovative mindset, we continue to develop models that can be used by AEC-focused organizations, including within the transportation and environmental markets.

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