Sewer Pipeline Defect Detection

Understand the true state of your sewer infrastructure easily by quickly analyzing CCTV data and detecting sewer defects found.

100 credits (with a subscription)

200 credits (without a subscription)

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Version 1.0
Fast Analysis
This model detects:
  • AMH - Access Point Manhole
  • B - Broken
  • CC - Crack Circumferential
  • CM - Crack Multiple
  • DAE - Deposits Attached Encrustation
  • DAGS - Deposits Attached Grease
  • DAZ - Deposits Attached Other
  • DSC - Deposits Settled Compacted
  • FC - Fracture Circumferential
  • FL - Fracture Longitudinal
  • FM - Fracture Multiple
  • ISJ - Infiltration Stain Joint
  • RBJ - Roots Ball Joint
  • RFJ - Roots Fine Joint
  • RMJ - Roots Medium Joint
  • RTJ - Roots Tap Joint
  • TBI - Tap Break-In Defective
  • TF - Tap Factory
  • TF - SIDE - Tap Factory - Side
  • TFA - Tap Factory Activity
  • TFA - SIDE - Tap Factory Activity - Side
  • TFC - Tap Factory Capped

Required Inputs

  • PNG or JPEG files

Expected Outputs

  • Annotated images
  • A summary report in XLSX format

The Sewer Pipeline Defect Detection model analyzes CCTV imagery and identifies/classifies a wide variety of defects found, based on NASSCO standards. Designed to increase inspection speed and provide additional quality control to the classification process, this model is a high-performance solution that frees up time for engineers and contractors, allowing them to focus on higher value activities.

Note: Current mAP (Mean Average Precision) score is 46.5%. Results will continue to be refined as the model is trained on more data.

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